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Stacy Foust

Become Unstoppable with Human Design

Human Design is your personalized blueprint for success, which unveils your unique strengths, challenges, and purpose.  This system empowers you to make decisions aligned with your true self, unlocking a flow of energy and resilience.  Discover you design, embrace your authenticity, and become unstoppable as you navigate life with purpose and efficiency.  It's the Key to unlocking your full potential and creating a life that resonates with your true essence.  -Stacy Foust

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“I was able to release some limiting beliefs about what I thought I should be doing with my life and put my attention towards what best makes sense for what I’m designed to do. Stacy’s understanding of my Human Design and how I can live a life God has designed for me has been a game changer - feeling satisfaction and fulfillment for both my work and personal life.” 

- Kristin, Manifesting Generator

Have you ever felt like the playbook of success was written for someone else? 

…doing everything you’re told, yet that next promotion seems to be just out of reach 

…climbing the ladder of success to find that it’s leaning against the wrong wall

…you know the answers are there, you’re just not sure where (or how) to find them

…some days you feel like everything is possible and some days you’re hiding under the covers trying to escape the taunts and mocking from your vision board


That’s because doing what works for others, doesn’t necessarily work for you!  You are not them. You are you!


Being you is more than enough. 

Being you is your superpower.

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Discover how to tap into your unique, specific wiring for Success (Projectors), Satisfaction (Generators), and Peace (Manifestors) in your business (and life) with Human Design and Gene Keys. 

It’s like the Enneagram – but way more!

Stacy Foust

Stacy is an intuitive guide and coach who uses both Human Design & Gene Keys to help her clients come into alignment with who they were born to be.


We all have the potential to live our greatest lives.  The secret is to understand ourselves on a deep level.  Human Design and Gene Keys give us the tools to understand our innate strengths and align ourselves with our greatest potential.

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“I went from hitting the wall and not getting my desired results to actually growing my organization in the area that I wanted.  I found success and my energetic flow!”  

-Andrea, Projector


☑️ A business owner, professional, or entrepreneur who is ready for less resistance and more ease, grace and flow in your business


☑️ Aspires to be the best version of yourself - especially if that looks different than the people around you


☑️ Feeling “flat" or like something’s missing in one area of your life (family, relationships, work) - even if it’s not in “business", you know that it’s all connected and affects the other areas 


☑️ Curious to know the best ways to tap into your energy, motivation and internal wiring


☑️ Wanting to pinpoint your life's work and purpose, what you’re here to learn, and how to keep healthy and radiant


☑️ Could talk about personal growth and self awareness all day long


☑️ Willing to take responsibility and ownership for your personal success


Be UNSTOPPABLE in life, business & relationships

Here’s how 👇

I felt like I was always needing answers from my mentors on what to do next all the time - second guessing myself.  Through HD, I realized that I have the best answers for me and now I know how to access those answers which gives me such great peace of mind!

Jodi - Manifestor

You might be wondering…

Stacy Foust

>> What is Human Design?

Human Design is a logical system that brings together both ancient science and quantum physics.  Your Human Design Chart is calculated using your birthdate, time and location to reveal your genetic design.

>> What is Gene Keys?

The Gene Keys system uses the foundation of Human Design to guide you to a deeper understanding of yourself and your true potential.  It’s your road map of self discovery to find the true higher purpose of your life.

>>What can Human Design and Gene Keys do for me?

So many things!!  In a nutshell, Human Design provides an energetic blueprint to help you navigate your world correctly while Gene Keys helps to provide context and understanding of how that looks/works in your life.

>> Are sessions in person or virtual?

I recommend virtual, as you’ll receive the recording afterwards to review and contemplate.  

>> What can I expect during sessions with Stacy?

We’ll dig right into your profile.  However, this session will be very interactive and allows time for questions and feedback.  There’s nothing to prep for on your part, other than providing Stacy with your birthdate, time (which can usually be found on your birth certificate) and location.  At the end of the session, Stacy will send you the recording along with any supporting documents.  You’ll also have the opportunity to schedule another appointment at that time.  

>> Can I start with one session and then upgrade to the monthly package?


Ready to get started? I’m so excited to work with you!

#1 Choose the best starting point for you

#2 Upon check out you’ll receive an email with access to my calendar

#3 At your scheduled time we’ll take a look at your specific Human Design and Gene Key chart


Get to know your Human Design Coach

​Stacy has been in the direct selling industry for nearly 40 years - leading a highly successful TOP 10 team in the nation. (Her team has even been celebrated as the #1 and #1 most improved team in AZ! #goteam!) 


Visiting Monte Carlo, the Amalfi Coast and the south of France have been some of her favorite global adventures to date. She absolutely loves the Mediterranean coast!


She'd rather be outside than indoors any day! Hiking, biking, kayaking… yes, please! 


In addition to her almost 40 years in the Direct Selling Industry, leading a Top 10 Team, Stacy has her coaching training from the ICAN Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  She has also completed her Activation, Venus and Pearl Sequence courses at  And she is super passionate about getting her hands on any and all education she can find on the subjects of Human Design, Gene Keys and business.


After 52 years living in Iowa, she traded in her snow boots for a sun hat with a move to Arizona. 


Her favorite part about being a Manifestor is the Impact she can have on others.  Manifestors are definitely here to make an impact. :) 


My life’s theme is that I’m a Clarion … I am someone who brings clarity for others.

Find my latest Human Design training here

Want to know more about Human Design? 
Here’s a FREE mini class for you!

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