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Do you ever feel directionless - just not sure what to do next?

Do you ever feel like you’re a bit lost in life - not sure what direction to go next?  You may have an undefined or open G Center.

What is the G Center?  It’s the diamond shaped center in the middle of your Human Design profile.  If it’s filled in (usually yellow), it’s defined.  If it’s white, it’s either undefined (still having gates activated) or open (with no gates activated).  

Mine is completely open … and I’ve discovered SO Much lately about this center and what it means to be undefined or open.  Let’s jump in…

1)  Spaces and Places are vitally important.  My environment is Dry Kitchens … meaning I do best in dry/desert climates and in communities with a lot of variety of places and people and cultures and foods.  Also, open concept homes feel amazing to me.  8 years ago we moved to the desert - Phoenix, Arizona, into a very open concept home.  Almost immediately my mood changed!  To say I love it here is an understatement - I LOVE IT HERE!!!  I feel like I can breathe here and move here and have direction here and be ME here!  It’s so hard to explain, but the minute we moved here it felt like home.  So if you have an undefined or open G-Center, it’s important to look at your HD Environment.  It’s also important to find places and spaces that you LOVE!

2)  People who are in your space are also very important.  With an undefined or open G Center, we tend to take on the traits of the people we hang out with.  And we can have a lot of different friend groups and feel right at home with ALL of them.  We morph into the people we are around.  So it’s really good for us to be around people who feel good - because feeling good affects our health.  Good people - good health/Great people - great health!  And with an Open (not undefined) G Center, we have the added magic of reflecting back to those who come into our space.  We reflect back their Identity and self-love.  Meaning if they like themselves, they like us AND if they do not like themselves, they won’t like us.  And it has absolutely nothing to do with us.  Just remember, we don’t have a consistent energy around Self-Love, so being around people who love themselves is vitally important for your own self-love.

3)  This center is also about identity and direction.  And those of us with an undefined or open G Center, it is very easy for us to take on new identities.  This drives my defined G Center friends crazy.  One of my besties told me that it’s amazing to watch how I just take on different identities.  One year I decided to run a marathon - never having run more than 2 miles since high school and this was in my late 40s.  Within a couple months of training, I had already taken on the identity of being a marathon runner (let’s use the term runner lightly - lol).  We are not meant to have a single identity.  We really aren’t meant to have the same career our entire lives.  We are meant to get around new people and new careers and new hobbies and try a lot of identities on … it’s what keeps us lit up!  (Side note - most actors and actresses have an open or undefined G Center.)

4)  Last but not least, it’s important not to give your identity away.  It’s easy to give our identity away to those in power … this can be a spouse, a parent, a coach, a teacher, a guru.  Make sure you are standing in your own power and identity when it comes to who you are.  Yes, it’s good for us to try on new identities, but it is not good for us to get stuck in an identity that someone else has put on us.  Use your strategy and authority to keep you moving forward into new identities and new directions and into the right places, spaces and communities.  You’re not meant to be one identity or move in one direction in your life.  You’re a chameleon, and your success truly comes from being in the right places and spaces and with the right people.  

Want to know more about your defined, undefined and open centers?  Try a Dip Your Toe into HD with me - I’d love to share more with you.

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