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Hi!  If you’re still with me, then you might just be one of my people!  :)

So who am I?  That’s a great question!  My entire life, I have felt that I have not fit into the mold.  And through Human Design, I now know a little of why that is …

I’m a 6/2 Splenic Manifestor with the LAX of the Clarion.  If you’re new to Human Design that just made no sense at all!! LOL

If you’d like more information on the types - I’m going to attach a link to get a free mini class I did on YouTube that will help you unpack that a little.  For now, let me tell you what it means to be a Manifestor and a Clarion.  

Manifestors make up less than 9% of the human population.  We have a very dense aura, which means that people really have a hard time reading us.  And unless a Manifestor lets you in to know what they’re up to (like I’m doing right now), you will literally have no idea what they are up to!  

Our dense aura can repel others especially if we are living in our Shadow or low frequency.  However, when we move to our Gift or higher frequency, we can be very magnetic … not that we want that -lol!  It can feel very uncomfortable for us because we are so used to being left alone. :)

The reason we have a dense aura and people generally leave us alone, is so that we can move through our cycles of rest and creative urges to birth new ideas and information into our world.  We are the initiators and we are here to make an impact on our world (for good or bad - Hitler and Putin are Manifestors AND so were/are Mia Angelo and President Zelenskyy).  

But what happens most of the time is that we get conditioned by the 70% of the humans who are the Generators and Manifesting Generators who have this amazing sacral energy to go-go-go.  These beautiful humans are her to get sh*t done!  We (Manifestors) are not.  We are here to birth the ideas.  Generators are here to take our ideas and make them their own and make a difference in the world.  (More on Projectors and Reflectors later.)  So what happens, is when we get conditioned, we think we need to do all the doing and we burn ourselves out because we do not have that consistent energy center.  

So now that I know this - I’m really very much aware of what it feels like to be burnt out - extra crispy!!  And I also know what it feels like to really rest (which if we are in our flow, is 80% of the time) and what it feels like to have a really great creative urge and work on that - which is like euphoria!!!  And these urges won’t come if we are working like a Generator.  I want to give a special shout out to a Brilliant Manifestor … Holly Maree Herbig, who runs the Manifestor Community (on IG & has a Podcast) and just wrote the book Informed … all about being a Manifestor.  She has changed my life - so profoundly - and she doesn’t even know me.  Just a brilliant Manifestor!  So if you want to know more about being a Manifestor or understanding a Manifestor - I highly recommend her book!

OK - now the Clarion part.  If you’ve already looked that word up - kudos to you!  I had to look it up too!  It means a Clear (and Shocking) Call to Action.  Clarion was also a word to describe the Prophets in the Bible who came to give us a clear call to action.  

So my energy is here to bring shock and create the potential for change for those who are ready.  This does not mean that people on the receiving end of my call won’t react with a gasp or “how could you?”  Most of the time my shock is just a moment of clarity for the receiver.  Those that work with me know that on a deeper level, they have been waiting for shock to move them to change.  This is just energy at work - my shocks need a receptor and maybe your receptor needs a shock. :)  My energy will naturally guide me to those who at some level are ready for the shock to make change and move on.  

For years I have said - I’m here to be a catalyst for change or I’m here to make an impact.  And then I would get these intuitive hits of things to say to people.  However, instead of sharing, I’d hold back.  Because, I knew what I had to say would be, well … shocking.  And I understood that to be a bad thing.  However, now when I’m working with my clients, and I get an intuitive hit and share it - I can see the shock (that “how did you know” shock), but the difference is, they are ready to hear it.  And they know it’s from a place of love and not judgment.  

There is nothing more exciting for me than this!  NOTHING!  I know I was born to be a Clarion - I LOVE to see people get shocked and wake up and make changes that move them in a direction that creates more freedom and joy in their lives.  I love to see people get in alignment with who God made them to be - because when we are in alignment - we are UNSTOPPABLE!!

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