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I am a Breast Cancer Survivor … and not just any breast cancer … the very aggressive Triple Negative kind that is called by many the Triple Threat.  

And guess what, following my Human Design motivation saved my life!  

I know that’s a pretty bold statement.  I also know that I didn’t know anything at all about Human Design when I was going through breast cancer 8 years ago.  However, I do know that we all innately kind of “know” what we are supposed to do at times, and yet, we can still get off in the weeds and go against our wiring.

This is one of the reasons I love sharing HD with others.  We know, but when we hear it, we really KNOW, which is so empowering!  

So how did following my HD Motivation save my life?  Let me tell you!

My motivation is called Hope.  My transferred motivation is called Guilt.  Most of my life, I have followed my transferred motivation of Guilt - which is easy for us to do because it will feel like what we are “supposed” to do.

Guilt motivation is all about fixing your own problems.  It’s about taking whatever is going on in your life and laying it all out on the table, like a puzzle, and putting it back together to help you move forward.  Sounds reasonable, right?  It is for someone who has Guilt motivation as their main motivation.  But if it’s your transferred motivation, all this can do is get you stuck in the mud, or run you into the proverbial brick wall, or have it all blow up in your face.  You don’t want that, trust me!

Case in point, when Covid hit and my mom fell and broke her hip, and we found out she had dementia, and we were all trying to navigate the “new” - how to work in Covid, how to “be” in Covid, all the things … I went into my transferred motivation.  (I didn’t understand all this Human Design stuff yet.)  So I was trying to figure it ALL out - how to get my mom help, how to get her long-term insurance to kick in, how to pivot and work differently in my business … it was a lot.  I’m sure a lot of you felt this way during that time.  And what I found is, the more I went into forcing it and trying to fix it - the more it kept growing bigger and Bigger and BIGGER!!!  It turned into this Big Hairy Monster!!  The more I tried, the more it stopped me. I spent hours on the phone trying to just get someone to help us!  Every where I turned, nothing but another dead end.  I had just survived cancer - why was this 10x harder???

BECAUSE - I was out of alignment with my motivation.  My motivation is Hope, and Hope motivation is all about surrendering and letting go.  It’s about trusting that God’s got you.  A great mantra for those with Hope motivation is “God loves me and everything always works out for me.”  And it’s true!  It’s not easy to follow (any control freaks out there?), but it is true.  As I look back on my life, it’s every time I surrendered - that’s when the answers would come.  Like, immediately - the answers would come.

Example:  After struggling with understanding my daughter for 12 years, I finally one day got down on my knees and prayed out loud - “God, she’s yours.  I don’t know what to do with her anymore!”  In that moment, I thought I was the worst mom ever.  But, guess what … this was Sunday morning and by Monday morning we were on our way to a diagnosis of Aspergers.  12 years y’all!  And all I needed to do was surrender?  Really??

So that’s what I did when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  When I met with my surgeon and he said, “Go home and get some rest and PLEASE don’t Google your diagnosis.  Do you trust me?  We will get you through this.”  That’s when I knew, this is serious and you need to relax and let it go.  So counterintuitive!  Which is what your motivation usually is!

We tend to want to move directly into our transferred motivation.  For me, that would be go home, Google your diagnosis, find out all the ways you can get treatment, who the best doctors are in the country, and figure it out for yourself.  Thank God I had Dr. Hernandez!  He was this calming, reassuring presence in my life and for some reason, I listened to him.  I went home and I surrendered - it all.  And, you can see it all over my posts in my blog as I was going through it.  So NOT like me - you can ask anyone in my life at that time.  But guess what - I did it and it got me through.  So many miracles - so many synchronicities!  (If you’d like to hear more - here’s a link to my Blog)

You guys, hear my heart … when you follow your motivation and resist the temptation to follow your transferred motivation - things work for you.  You don’t get stuck.  You don’t blow things up.  You’re seamlessly guide through life.  Life becomes So Much Easier.

There are 6 motivations and there are 6 transferred motivations.  I’m so grateful to know this now, because now when something comes up that I need to work through - I no longer go into “fix it” mode.  I immediately stop and breathe and say a prayer and then, I let it go!  Can I just tell you how much easier that is.  So easy!

Your motivation might be different.  You might be the one that has to take the bull by the horns and work it out (guilt motivation).  You might need to do your own thing, follow your own path (innocence motivation).  You might need to rally a cause (desire motivation).  Or dig down deep and find your own solutions (fear motivation).  Or simplify and just give yourself the top 3 things you can do right now (need motivation).  

Whatever your motivation … it could just save your life, like it did mine.

Want to know more about your design?  Reach out to me.  I’d love to take you through your design and show you all the golden nuggets that make you, YOU!

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