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Let's talk about Conditioning ... and I don't mean our hair :)

I believe the biggest thing that Human Design gives us is the affirmation, the alignment and the confidence in our knowing of who we really are.  This is what I hear all the time from my clients … “I kind of knew these things about myself in the back of my mind, BUT it felt so … (fill in the blank) selfish/too easy/so against the grain of what I’ve been taught.  It feels really freeing to know this is the way I’m designed and I don’t have to guess any more.”

That’s because we’ve all been so conditioned out of who we know at our core we are.  We get conditioned by our parents, siblings, friends, teachers, society.  They don’t mean to condition us, they are just wired differently then we are.  And we all think we know what’s best for everyone, true?  We also get conditioned by our open and undefined centers - because they are always picking up the energy of those around us.  

For example, I have a completely open Identity center.  I can easily and I really mean EASILY pick up the identity of of those that I’m hanging around.  So for me, it’s super important to hang around people who align with my values - of who I want to be like.  I remember my splenic center leading me to run a marathon for a fund raiser one year.  At that moment in time, I hadn’t run more than 2 miles at any given time in my life AND I hadn’t been running for years.  But the moment I got around the team that I would be training with, I took on the identity of a “runner” and in 6 months I was ready to run my first marathon.  Who knew!?  

I also have an undefined emotional center.  Until I found Human Design, I thought that ALL the emotions I was feeling were mine.  Turns out they are not!  Now that I know that, I can energetically give those emotions back to those that are radiating them to me.  AND, I no longer feel like I have to “fix” their emotions.  If you have an open or undefined emotional center - you probably know what I’m talking about.  Forever, I would take it upon myself to be over-responsible for other people’s emotions.  What a relief to find out that I don’t need to be responsible any more!!  

Ra Uru Hu (the founder of Human Design) shares that it takes 7 years to completely de-condition and get into alignment with who we were born to be.  That’s because it takes 7 years for all the cells in your body to turn over.  I’m entering year 6 and I still have areas I’m working on.  But, I must say, this has been the BEST journey I have ever taken!!  It feels so FREEING!!

So here’s the deal … when you’ve de-conditioned, you’ve sorted through the things that don’t work well for you and cause you more struggle - AND you replace them with new neuropathways that help you live in better alignment for more joy, freedom, satisfaction, success and peace!

Are you ready to start your own De-Conditioning Journey?!  I’m super excited to let you know that I’m starting a new program just for you this year and I would love to have you join me!  Here’s all that you’ll need to know…

What:  A De-Conditioning Program where we will be looking at how you’ve been conditioned by your type, your open and undefined centers and gates.

Where:  We will be meeting on a monthly Zoom

When:  The last Thursday of each month (1/25, 2/29, 3/28 etc).  Times to be determined.

Who:  Space is limited as there will be no more than 10 participants in each meeting so that we have time to really process through this.

What’s required:  You’ll want to have at least been through a Dip Your Toe in Session so you have an understanding of your design.  Haven’t done that yet?  Click HERE to schedule your’s today!

Cost:  If you’re already on a monthly coaching program with me - good news!  This Zoom will be a part of your program for free - otherwise, it’s only $49 a month.  

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