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Minimizing Conditioning - Human Design

So here’s the deal, we get conditioned in MANY ways through our design - by type, by not understanding our Strategy and Authority, through our open centers and gates.  That’s a lot to keep track of, right?

One of the easiest ways to start de-conditioning and getting into alignment with Who You Were Born To Be, is to really understand your Strategy and Authority.  By getting into alignment with just these 2 “fairly” simple things, you will be in alignment about 90% of the time.  Why, because you can count on your Strategy and Authority!

Most of the time I tell my clients, “This is an experiment.  Play with your design.  Try things out - explore.”  This is so true for your channels and gates.  However, when it comes to Strategy and Authority, once you understand them and put them into practice, you can truly count on them every time.

The key is practice.  For example, my Authority is Splenic.  I had always felt that I would get these “hits” of knowing, but couldn’t explain them or even understand them.  So I would second guess them or not listen to them.  And instead, I would sleep on my decisions - because that’s what I was told to do by my parents.  My dad’s Authority is Emotional - he’s suppose to sleep on his decisions.  My mom was a mental projector - she was designed to talk it out.

So when I found human design and learned that I’m a Splenic Manifestor (someone who gets intuitive hits), it just made so much sense.  I started to really tune into those intuitive hits.  At first, they were very quiet, but the more I gave them credence, the more they would show up for me.  And even the BIG decisions in my life come from those quiet, in the moment, intuitive hits.  And when I follow them, they lead me in the right direction every single time!  The biggest key for Splenic Authority is that they need to be heeded immediately.  If you wait or sleep on them, they go away, and that can lead to great confusion.  So I really need to tune in and listen to my body.

I now feel so in alignment and it’s very freeing, for sure.  In the beginning, it took a lot of trust and patience with myself.  However, just this one change has given me my confidence in decision making.  

The interesting thing is when we hear how we are wired in our Strategy and Authority, we already kind of know it in our knowing.  But now, we have the confidence to really step boldly into that Authority and let it guide us to our best life - leading us away from the conditioning we’ve been picking up from our family, friends, co-workers, society.

Want to know more about your Strategy and Authority?  Let’s get together over a Dip Your Toe in appointment and not only discover yours, but really explore how it works for you!

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