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Ready for another one of my crazy, yet prophetic dreams? Actually, I’ll give you two!

So when I was told by a really good friend that what I was doing with Human Design went against her beliefs, I’m not going to lie - I was Heart*Broken!  I cried out to God to show me … Was this Bad or Was this Good?  Was this from You, really?  If not, I’ll stop - even if it’s all I can think about.  Even if I feel that it’s doing so much good for my clients.  Even if I know that this can do so much good in the world.  I Do Not Want to go against You!

Again, the dream came right away!  It was one of those Christmas Story dreams - where an angel took me to different times in my life where God was leading me through my Splenic Authority.  (If you haven’t watched my mini class video yet … that’s where you’ll learn about Splenic Authority along with the other Authorities).  I’ve always said that our Authority is how the Holy Spirit speaks to us through our body.

The first memory my “angel” took me to is one I knew well.  It was when I knew, that I knew, that I knew I was going to marry Terry Foust.  I just got this intuitive hit out of nowhere that said, “You’re going to marry this guy!”  We’d only been dating a couple months and I knew - I just knew.  The thing with Splenic Authority is that there is absolutely no explanation for it - you just know.  And I knew it, and we did get married and we’ve been married almost 40 years!  

The rest of the memories … well, I didn’t necessarily know that this was God working through my Splenic Authority.  And I feel I was shown these because I needed to remember that He was there with me all along, guiding me and showing me and leading me through my entire life … as He is leading me right now.

There was the time when I decided to join the direct selling company I have been a part of for almost 40 years as well - how that didn’t make any sense at all and how I just had to ask Terry to “trust me” because I had not idea why, but I just knew I needed to do it.  And for those of you who know that story - that has been wildly successful!  

There was the time when we decided to have children.  The time I knew that Madison, our youngest was going to be OK - even though she was born 7 weeks early and had a million tubes coming out of her as she lay in the incubator.  How I knew I was supposed to leave my position in small group ministry in our church to focus more on my direct selling business - ministering to women outside the church.  How we were to leave our church and go to another.  How we were to leave Iowa and move to Arizona, even though we knew no one but my parents here AND we were leaving our daughters in Iowa.  How I knew I had cancer and that I needed to find a doctor right away to get treated - and that part of the reason we moved to Arizona was because I had some of the BEST doctors in the world taking care of me.  How I knew that I would be OK and that God was orchestrating every single step through my treatments and showing me so many miracles every step of the way!  

And then, this is when I remembered a very prophetic dream from my past.  I had dreams about snakes - yes snakes - right as we were moving to Arizona.  Beautiful snakes!  Very beautiful snakes - that kept getting more beautiful and ornate every time they shedded their skin.  And I knew that dreams about snakes were about transformation.  So I honestly believed at the time that it was this move to Phoenix that was going to lead to a transformation of some kind in my life and it was going to be amazing and beautiful!  

Nope!  The transformation was not just that.  The transformation was that I was about to go through cancer treatments and that was going to be my “beautiful” transformation.  So the minute I was diagnosed, I knew.  I just knew this was what all the dreams had been about and those dreams had been preparing me for this. Transformations are not meant to be easy, but this would lead to something more beautiful in my life - for sure.  This lesson was going to be all about putting my complete faith in God.  Because here’s the deal, we had just left everything we ever knew back in Iowa - our friends, most of our family, our networks, our jobs, and our security, to move to Arizona for a new adventure which was not secure … at all.  We had no idea if Terry would need to find a “real” job.  We had no idea if my business would continue on half way across the country from my team.  And now this!  Now cancer, where I couldn’t get to work and build my business and my team here, so that I could feel secure!?  What in the world!?!  Wasn’t it you, God who brought us here?  He did!

He brought us here to great doctors and great opportunities.  My husband is a handyman and he had an A+ rating on Angi’s list in Iowa that followed him to Arizona.  We had no idea it worked that way when we moved.  The first week he changed his zip code on Angi’s website, he got 22 jobs and he’s been busy ever since!  

And if you’d like to hear more about my “Transformational” Journey through cancer, I have a blog on Facebook that I did when I was going through all the treatments. And guess what that blog was called?  Yep - Transformational Journey.  Little did I know when I named it that, the Transformation that it was taking me through.  But what I did know from those dreams is that it would definitely be transformational.

So, I’m still here - and feeling more confident that this new chapter of my life - this new thing that I’m doing - is definitely divinely appointed.  As have been ALL the things I have done in my life.

Here’s what my Gene Keys says about my Evolution - what I’m here to learn:

Your evolution is in many ways the foil of your intuition. What this means is that if you are not trusting and following your inner voice, you will always feel agitated. Not only will you feel agitated, but you will open yourself to experiences that can and will undermine who you are. You are a warrior of the world, and no matter how hard it seems for you, you are equipped with the strength of will and courage to follow your own unique destiny. By following your intuition without hesitation, you protect yourself from misunderstanding

and confusion. You need to be careful that you don't kid yourself into thinking you are making the decisions that are right for you, when in fact you may be shirking away from what really excites you. If you are excited and a little afraid at the same time, then you know you are dead on track! Your life was never meant to be a quiet out-of-the-way existence. You are a trailblazer rather than a follower. All you have to do is keep trusting

your heart.

SO - here we go!

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