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Science? Religion? Both?

About 4 1/2 years ago, I was introduced to something called Human Design.  Now, I’ve always been deeply fascinated by the study of personalities and motivations and strengths - DISC, then The Colors, Myers-Briggs, StrengthFinders and Enneagram.  So when I was watching a talk show (which I really wish I could remember what talk show I was watching) and Human Design was mentioned, I had to Google it immediately!  When I saw that it was based on your birth time, date and location - I’m not going to lie, I was super skeptical.  However, something would not let me leave it alone.  So I did my own profile, and I was shocked.  The results were SO me!  And they were fascinating - incredible wisdom and understanding about myself that I had never experienced before with any other system.  So then, of course, I had to do my husband’s and my kid’s and my friend’s profiles.  AND, every single one of them was right on and I do mean every*one*of*them!  Only one time did someone say, this does not sound like me.  When we double-checked her birth info, I had inputed it wrong. :/  

I did not understand how this all worked, I only knew it worked.  However, I still had this BIG Question looming over me.  How does this line up with my belief in God?  Some of my friends were questioning the validity as well.  But the information was undeniable.  And it was doing such great things for the people I was sharing it with - things like helping them understand how they’re wired.  Helping them make difficult decisions in their life with profound ease and knowing.  Giving them direction that was so incredibly clear.  Again, undeniably GOOD!

For a long time, I just chalked it up to “electricity” … I don’t know how electricity works - I only know it works.  But when a very close friend told me that this went against her beliefs, that’s when I really questioned God.  How could this feel like it was coming from You and yet, go against what we’ve been taught?  And He answered, immediately … with a very prophetic dream.  I was not expecting that!

Now, I don’t pretend to know everything.  I’m not even sure why I’m telling you this.  Many of you will think it’s crazy.  Guess what, so do I.  It’s OK.  You may not agree with what I’m about to share, but I was given this information and I know I’m supposed to share it.  I woke up after that dream with such a clear picture - it was profound Clarity.

This was the first dream I had, I’ve had more since.  And quite honestly, I’ve had dreams similar to this all my life, I just didn’t recognize what they were until now.  I’ll share more on that later.  But, in this dream, God first showed me our Solar System and then all the Solar Systems and He told me, “This may look like chaos, but it’s not chaos.”  It’s a divinely orchestrated system with systems inside systems.  And our Solar System (the one we live in) was designed with us (humans) in mind.  

Then He took me to a picture of a child’s toy - kind of like a puzzle.  After the dream, I Googled that too, to see if I could find one - I’d never really seen one before.  The closest I could find is pictured here.  But in my dream, this puzzle had the crank in the middle with all the circles/gears around it in all different sizes.  And as you turned the crank, the circles/gears would all turn … and what I noticed is that the bigger ones turned slower and the smaller ones turned faster.  

Then I was shown our Solar System again.  This time with the understanding that the Sun was the crank and the planets around the sun were the circles/gears.  Some went around the sun faster and some slower, but the sun was the crank moving them around the orbit.  And this orbit is a system - a system that imprints us at birth with our very own and personalized human design.  <mind blown> So, How does it do that?  

Well, this is what I understand from what I’ve learned.  Get ready to get nerdy.  Who loves the Big Bang Theory?  String theory?  Because not all science behind this has been proven yet, but it’s on it’s way.  Think about this … when electricity was discovered - they didn’t have the science behind that either.  In fact, almost every discovery on this planet came in the same way … someone had an idea (downloaded from the Universe), they tried it and it worked.  Maybe not the first time, but eventually.  And then (in most cases) the science behind the discovery came next.  (I’ll share more on this in future blogs.) 

So scientists have a theory about these particles called neutrinos.  Since the formation of our Solar System, the sun, the planets and even the moon have been spinning off these neutrinos and sending them through the Universe.  These particles are super, super small.  Photons are small, but they are not small enough to go through a wall.  However, neutrinos can go through walls and all matter!  And so the moment you are born, you are imprinted with these neutrinos.  And it’s these neutrinos imbedded in you from the sun, planets and moon, that determine your design - whether you’re a Manifestor, Projector, Generator, Manifesting Generator or Reflector.  They determine how you best eat, to what your best environment is, to your life’s work and what you’re here to learn and so, so, soooooo much more!

So based on where you are located at the time of your birth AND where the other planets are located at the time of your birth, determines your imprint.  This is what I was shown in this dream. And this determines your Human Design.  AND 88 days before you are born, you are imprinted with your Personality.  

Now this was another question I had for God (and if you know me, I have a lot of questions for God!)  My daughter was a premie.  She was born 7 weeks early because of a car accident we were in.  She’s doing great today, thank God.  However, I didn’t understand how she could be imprinted with her personality correctly - because she came so early.  Well, that’s because your personality doesn’t actually imprint until your birth - it goes back those 88 days from your birth to imprint your personality.  So it doesn’t matter if you come early, you’ll still have that personality - the one that was determined 88 days before your birth!  (Hope that was as clear as mud!)  

And there’s more that I was shown …  Let’s talk about Jesus for a minute.  Those of you that know the birth story of Jesus know about the Bethlehem Star.  And you also know about the wisemen that came from the East to come and worship Jesus, right?  Well, the wisemen are said to have been Greek astrologers, watching the stars for signs of a king’s birth.  And yes, Jesus was actually born during an astrological event!  <again, mind blown>  You’ve heard the phrase, “when the stars align”?  Well, the stars aligned that night, but actually they were not stars - they were planets and stars.  They are said to have been the planets of Jupiter and Saturn (and possibly Venus) along with the constellation of Pisces.  

We recently had a solar eclipse and I honestly thought the moon was going to go directly in front of the sun and cover it up.  It only went over a part of the sun here in Arizona.  However, there was a line across the United States that saw the total eclipse of the sun.  Understanding that helped me to understand that on that night in Bethlehem was the exact place on the planet where the stars aligned.  And that is why the Star of Bethlehem happened there!  And these wisemen/astrologers knew that and that is why they traveled there to meet the new king!

Now, I’m going to switch gears and talk about the work of David R Hawkins.  He is the author of the books Letting Go and Power vs Force.  His work talk a lot about our frequency - we all vibrate at different levels.  In fact, everything vibrates.  And in his work, he talks about how Jesus was said to vibrate at a very, very, very high level.  It’s why so many people were attracted to him AND why he was so connected to God.  And I can’t help but think that the alignment of the stars when he was born helped with that.  (BTW - Human Design and Gene Keys is not about horoscopes or reading the future - other than some people are born with patterns that can see where we are going and others have energy that can feel what is going on in the world.)

And this leads to the work of Human Design and Gene Keys - especially Gene Keys.  We all have these keys in our profile (depending on where the planets and moon and sun were positioned at our birth).  And these keys tell us a little bit about ourselves.  With each key we have a Shadow that we are born with.  The Shadow is a low frequency of this key’s expression.  There is also a Gift that comes out of the Shadow.  This is when we move to a higher frequency - that’s when we experience our Gifts.  And then there is a Siddhi (hindu word for what essentially means our highest frequency/essence).  So for instance, the key of my Life’s work is the 57 - the Shadow of Unease, the Gift of Intuition and the Siddhi of Clarity.  

For most of my life, I have felt this underlying feeling of unease.  When I learned about the gene keys and began to understand my Splenic Authority - my intuition, I started to understand that living from my intuition (and I definitely have intuition - more on that later) actually lifted me to a higher frequency where I no longer felt uneasy all the time.  And the higher my frequency, from time to time, I would also feel complete clarity.  For instance, when I woke up from this dream - I felt so Clear!  

I just hope and pray that you could follow along on all this.  Because my clarity, may be very “out there”.  And that’s OK.  It’s not for everyone.  But it is food for thought.  The longer I have studied Human Design and Gene Keys - the more I realize that my open head center is the pressure to always want to know.  So if you have an open head center - you too have this pressure.  And sometimes there simply are no answers.  But sometimes, God shows up and dumps the answer on me through dreams and visions and intuition.  And when it comes from there and not from me just researching (I’m an Enneagram 5) - I find I can rely on that more than I can rely on myself and my research.  

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