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What is Human Design?

For me HD is a really great tool to help us understand ourselves.  YOU get to be YOU!  What I hear most from my clients is that it confirms what they’ve always known “on some level” about themselves, but now they can really trust, understand and know THAT about themselves.  

This tool helps you to really, truly know things like - how you best show up in the world, how you best make decisions, your best environment, how your energy works, how you flow and move and avoid getting stuck, how you see the world and so much more.  And in knowing this, you also start to understand that the way you show up is not the same as how others show up … and this is HUGE … because when that happens, we realize that … expecting others to do or be as we do or be, does’t work.  That just causes friction.

And when we release this thought that others are weird or wrong because they don’t do things like we do - we can learn to love them for who they are - not who we “need” them to be.  It’s Grace in action!

I’ve seen this tool heal relationships.  I’ve seen it help clients make really BIG decisions in their lives with ease and confidence.  I’ve seen it change people’s energy and demeanor.  It’s LIFE CHANGING!  When we get into alignment with who we were created to be - we experience such flow in our lives. 

And if you’re like me and you’ve loved digging into self-awareness tools like Enneagram and StrengthFinders and Myers Briggs - you’re going to love this.  Because you’ll see these traits in your design.

Human Design is a tool that is super deep - it goes into ALL of who we are designed to be - not just our strengths or motivations or how we think … it goes into that, AND sooooo much more!   

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